What are boxes of hope? 

Thanks for asking! Boxes of Hope are lovingly curated gift boxes for you to send to someone special, who is facing a tough time. We were inspired by our loved ones journey through cancer and treatments, and decided to send love to people all over the world. Boxes of Hope consist of  curated items in the style of box we are selling (womens, mens, childs etc.). Whether you are buying for someone going through cancer treatments, facing a dark or stressful time, or someone who just needs a boost, these boxes will definitely bring a smile to their face. 

What do you mean curated? Can't I just pick what I want? 

We do all of that for you! We personally purchase all of the items going into these boxes, so that's why we say lovingly curated. Each item is hand selected based on quality, style and design. We never put anything in our boxes that we wouldn't want ourselves (and hey, we're picky!). You can get an idea of what is in our boxes by looking at some of the photos on the shop page, but we cannot guarantee that you will get the same exact items as pictured. However, we can promise that each box will be different, so if boxes are sent to the same person, they won't get duplicate of items. You can trust us (because, hey, we think we have pretty good taste!) to put appropriate items in each Box of Hope. We take the guess work out of it for you! 

How do Boxes of Hope come shipped and what are the boxes like? 

Currently, there are 2 sizes of boxes, 10x10x4 and 8x8x3, so we can fit full sized items in each box. We ship USPS priority, and it's a flat rate $10 fee for each box, no matter how heavy. We'll be looking into other shipping options soon (as well as box sizes), but currently once the boxes are shipped, it can take anywhere between 2-7 days to receive, if you are in the states. International shipping will have a different price, and obviously speed, but we're not there yet! :)

My box came damaged, what do I do? 

Though we can't guarantee something won't happen in transit, we will do out best to make it right. Please snap a photo of the damage and send it to boxesofhopeco@gmail.com. We will then work with USPS to see how we can rectify this issue for you. 

Can I return my box of get a refund? 

Because we whole heartedly stand behind our boxes, we do not offer any refunds or exchanges. All sales are final! 

What is the #devinstrong Foundation? 

When we lost Devin to cancer, we started a foundation in his name. Devin loved people deeply and wanted to offer hope to them, so we're carrying on the torch for him. Some proceeds from each box goes to 1) Sending a child to camp each Summer 2) Sponsoring a Christian College student in a foreign country and 3) Bags of Hope, which is our once a year,  in person delivery of gifts to those in the hospital.