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Suzi and Danae are a mother/daughter team working together to fill peoples lives with hope, by delivering stylish and lovingly curated boxes to people facing difficulties. 

Each of their journeys have brought them to this moment. Devin (Suzi's son, Danae's brother) battled Leukemia a few times in his life, and ultimately losing that fight (after much faith and bravery) just 2 years ago. Their love for him has launched Boxes of Hope, Co. , because they made a promise that they would continue to spread the Hope of Christ, even in times of darkness. 

Their hope is that people all over the world will receive these special gifts and be reminded that they are loved, braver than they think they are, and that there are people out there rooting for them. 

No matter who you are or what you are facing today, there is hope. Boxes of Hope would like to be a part of that journey.